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Why did you choose to go on this mission trip?

"I've been praying about going on a mission trip. I have a strong interest in missions. I want as much exposure to missions as I can get. I have a desire to serve the Lord - realizing my life is His, not mine, and switched from full time at my job to PRN (as needed) to do full time ministry this summer."

How did you come to know Christ as your savior?

"I trusted Christ as my Savior at age 4 after my mom told me about Heaven and Hell and what the Bible said about sin and death."

Were your parents missionaries?

"Yes, 'Down Under' till I was 5."

Are you interested in full time ministry?

"Yes - a definite interest in missions or ANYTHING God has for me."

What college are you going to?

"I graduated from Faith in 2000 and Mercy College of Health Science in 2003"

What are you doing now? (work, school, married?)

"I work full time as a registered nurse at Iowa Methodist Medical Center until May. In June I'm heading to Camp Fairwood to work there at the Bible Camp as a camp counselor."

What are the biggest skills you are bringing to the group?

"A desire to serve the Lord in whatever capacity I can, a love for people and desire to help them and share Christ and the Bible with them, and a love for working with kids (experience with counseling) and people of all ages."

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