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Why did you choose to go on this mission trip?

"This was the right time and the right opportunity to get involved in foreign missions and see what they are all about."

How did you come to know Christ as your savior?

"I grew up knowing about Christ but I never trusted Him as Savior until July 24th, 2003. I was 19 when I was saved and life has never been the same!"

Were your parents missionaries?


Are you interested in full time ministry?

"Yes. I firmly believe God has called me to full time ministry. It's very cool."

What college are you going to?

"Faith Baptist Bible College."

What are you doing now? (work, school, married?)

"I am pushing through Bible College, working like a dog to pay for it all, and living with all my might for God."

What are the biggest skills you are bringing to the group?

"Who knows? God knows. I like to lead worship music, write (so maybe I'll do some blogging), and do manual labor."


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