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Why did you choose to go on this mission trip?

"I've always wanted to go on a missions trip. And this was the first opportunity that had come up. Missions has always interested me! I'm very excited to see what the missions field is like and to see God working in another country."

How did you come to know Christ as your savior?

"I grew up in a very loving family. We went to a Methodist church regularly. I always believed in God and Heaven. I even thought I was going to Heaven because I was a pretty good person. When I was a Freshman in High School my sister talked me into going to Hidden Acres (an E-Free church camp near my house) for Sr. High camp. It was there that I realized for the first time I was a sinner and needed to be saved from my sins. For Jesus Christ loved us so much He died for us on the cross to cover our sins so that we may go to Heaven. I realized for the fist time that I had never been living for Christ to begin with. That in order to live for Him I had to ask Him into my life and give my life completely over to Him! I love the verse (Ephesians 2:8-9) because it tells us we were saved by grace alone and it is nothing that we ever did to get to Heaven!"

Were your parents missionaries?


Are you interested in full time ministry?

"Yes. I'm open to wherever God leads!"

What college are you going to?


What are you doing now? (work, school, married?)

"I'm a waitress at Mondo's in West Des Moines"

What are the biggest skills you are bringing to the group?

"I enjoy cooking and serving others. I love learning different languages and about different cultures"


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